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Grade of Mechanical Engineering

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Tang Jiayao) diploma test is about to take the exam in March, candidates began to enter the final preparation stage, and the examination of the marking process is also the focus of attention of many people. The Authority recently opened the Tsuen Wan Assessment Center for media coverage for the first time. It also described and demonstrated the procedures for scanning the questionnaire and the online marking system. HKEAA's General Manager of Appraisal Development, Mr Andrew Weng, reminded candidates to read the Candidate's Handbook and answered the question "One Version and One Title" to understand the details of the examination.

According to the introduction of the HKEAA, when the Diploma is delivered to the Assessment Center, staff will check the number of copies of the examination papers and materials before proceeding with the procedure of "unpinning" the questionnaires and scan page by page to the confidential database. In the event of a problem with not attaching a computer barcode or answering the page number, the staff will follow up and input information to ensure that the information in the answer sheet is complete. The answer sheet will be distributed to the scroller through online system review, significantly reducing the risk of missing papers.

At present, there are 20 scanners in the Tsuen Wan Assessment Center. Each scanner can scan 400 A4-sized paper in one minute. In this year's Diploma, the HKEAA has a total of 12 assessment centers, including 7 campus assessment centers, which provide about 1,300 computers for use by scaffolders and will operate 24 hours if necessary.

The HKTB will open the Tsuen Wan Assessment Center tomorrow for public viewing. Visitors can experience the scanning of the questionnaire, online screening and oral examination video recording system, understanding of the roll-up processing and evaluation procedures of the examiners and immediate participation in the simulated oral examinations.

In addition, the Education Bureau will hold a seminar entitled "Examination and Grading of Public Examinations" at the Kowloon Tong Education Services Center on the 27th of this month to explain to senior high school students the assessment requirements and the examination notes for the four core subjects of the Diploma.  

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