COB 650w LED grow light review

Andy is reviewing the process of Vanq 650 watt LED underground lighting, what everyone is doing, in this video, I want to show you these specifications so that you can see it in person, we can provide you with 650 watt LED lighting power supply. Frequency, input ampere (except 650 watts) is useless.

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The actual measured value on the socket is about 300 to 330 watts, so please take a look, but it is 650 LED watts, it looks like it is under six white bulbs, they are just six 300 watt LED bulbs, so 6 by 3 is Octopus arm octopus 18. I know I should hang like this when hanging. This is my tenth unfortunate thing, but unfortunately something went wrong with the 6-foot rope, so maybe you want to be different. If you need the length, please adjust it appropriately, but yes, this is what I am doing, I know it doesn’t look good now, because I let it go, I just told the factory, so it may take a week or two It looks really beautiful, but before that, this was the light source I used. Depending on the grower’s safety belt and health, using this lamp alone can produce an average yield of 6 to 12 ounces.

In this way, you can see it illuminate the entire tent. If I want to control the burn on the tent, I can put it down, because you can put the LED very close to the plants. Although acceptable, it is actually quite large. In terms of the heat emitted by most LEDs, this is a powerful feature, just like the heat I feel here. Obviously, this is a video, you can't, but trust me, it's a bit warm, so I can't put it down. Compared to other LEDs, I will tell you this video in a different way, but I am making this video. In view of this, we are working hard to solve this problem. Yes, the price of this lamp is about 499 US dollars, which is about the price of 6 to 12 ounces (about 300 watts) on the wall, but it is 650 LED watts.

COB 650w LED grow light review_c0408966_11480073.png

I'm not sure what the current meaning is, because the COB LED Grow light market is still a new market, so I don't know the reason for making up the difference between HPS metal halide power and LED power is the difference. , But I have no quotation. I am not a scientist. I only know that it can work, this kind of light can also work. This light is the best LED light I have ever bought. The price I just said is only $120, but other people’s products have infiltrated the little things you want, because unless you like to buy LEDs for dollars or LEDs that look like lights for dollars, most of them are complementary growth . Or the growth of vegetables, so don’t use too much in flour, because yes, it does make the top buds really firm, which is really necessary, but unfortunately, it does not create weight on the bottom cover, just like small The same as the bulb. Annoying, but that's why I use Skagen as ten roots and then use it here until I use it for the entire flower.

The tent has the same strength, I want it to spread out, I want them all to spread out into a canopy, so I know it looks like a mess now, but don't look at it, I will show you the tent. Future videos will be released within the next week or two, but if you don’t want the desired results, a cheap bulb can provide me with a Vanq 650-watt LED bulb, which I will spend five to six dollars a month.


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